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EZLoc Femoral Fixation Device

The EZLoc Femoral Fixation Device for soft tissue ACL fixation combines superior fixation properties (1427N strength, infinite stiffness and high resistance to slippage1) with a reliable surgical technique featuring minimal steps. This simplifies and shortens the procedure for both occasional and experienced ACL surgeons. The advantage of the EZLoc Femoral Fixation technique is that passage and fixation of the graft in the femur is accomplished in ONE step.


  • Simple
    • Surgical technique that has minimal steps and reliable deployment
  • Strong
    • Titanium implant that has excellent strength properties
  • Stiff
    • Device captures the cortical bone of the femur, designed to prevent movement under cyclic loading
  1. Data on file at Biomet Sports Medicine, Inc. Bench test results are not necessarily indicative of clinical performance.